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Learn to paint and draw with this complete creative bundle

Art course
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With summer in full swing and limited places open to the public, the perfect opportunity to finally take on the hobbies we've wanted to learn is presented to us. With The Ultimate Creative Arts Bundle: Learn to Paint & Draw, you'll be submerged into a creative whimsy and learn skills that may even bud into a successful career down the road. 

Packed with six comprehensive courses and over 130 lessons, this complete bundle brings you everything you need to deep dive into the world of art. You'll start where every artist begins – with the basics – and work your way into more complicated and advanced techniques. Whether you're looking to learn how to oil paint, draw, and shade, or master techniques in watercolour, there is a course available (and you can learn even more in our watercolour tutorials post).

Learn at your own pace

With step-by-step instructions throughout each detailed lesson, you'll be able to learn at your own pace. You'll understand the best materials and tools to use for each artistic technique, learn the ins and outs of how colour charts work, master time-honoured drawing techniques combined with contemporary approaches, and so much more. Led by industry experts, you'll have plenty of material to digest and improve your artistic skills with practice. With each course rating averaging 4.6/5 stars by fellow students, you're bound to find a course that inspires you.

The tangible lessons come complete with hands-on exercises that allow you to apply what you learn as you go – making sure you grasp each skill by doing. With unlimited access to all the content, you can take your time learning (or relearning) techniques, or come back and visit a concept whenever you need a bit of guidance. A robust community of artists is there to help whenever you need it, and you'll even learn how to share your work once you've finalised your last stroke. With a certificate of completion presented upon finishing the courses, you'll be able to add valuable skills to your ongoing portfolio and perhaps even spur a passion that turns into a rewarding profession. 

While lifetime access to The Ultimate Creative Arts Bundle: Learn to Paint & Draw is typically priced at over $1,000. For a limited time, you can start your painting and drawing journey for only $34.99 – that's a saving of over 90 per cent. Refine your knowledge in the arts and start up a new creative endeavour or an energising side hustle from the comfort of your home. 

Prices subject to change.

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