The new Lego Lamborghini is utterly ridiculous (and we love it)

Lego Lamborghini
(Image credit: Lego)

We've seen all sorts of weird and wonderful Lego inventions over the last few years, from brick-based games consoles to artworks you can actually hang on your wall. But the brand's latest project might be the most outrageous yet. It's certainly the heaviest.

Just because it can, Lego has created a life-size replica of Lamborghini's Sián FKP 37 supercar. Built from over 400,000 Lego Technic pieces and finished by Lamborghini’s official paint shop, the full-scale model took 5,370 hours to design, and a further 3,290 hours to actually build. Even the best Lego sets for adults are unlikely to take quite that long.

Lego Lamborghini

Includes working lights! (Image credit: Lego)

After releasing the 1:8 scale LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 last year, Lego decided to take things one step (or is that 8 steps?) further, by designing and creating a 1:1 scale model. At over 4.9 metres long and over two metres wide, it's literally a big deal. And at 2,200kg, it's now, according to Top Gear, the heaviest Lamborghini in existence.

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You can take a virtual tour of the impressive model on Lego's website, where you'll also find various tidbits about the creation. Did you know that it features 154 different Lego Technic elements? Did you know that 20 of said elements were custom made for this build? Did you know that it features functional head and tail lights made entirely from Lego Technic elements? You do now. 

As for exactly why Lego decided to dedicate thousands of hours to building a full-size Lamborghini, all we're told is that Lego's designers "love a challenge". But hey, we're not complaining – this is certainly one impressive flex from our favourite manufacturer of interlocking plastic bricks. And it also handily reminded us about last year's brilliant 200-piece (phew) Lamborghini model – check out today's best deals below.

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