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Mac users are loving Safari 14's new Start Page backgrounds

iOS 14 users have been getting creative with custom home screen icons and widgets over the past week, but a brand new Safari feature is now letting desktop users in on the fun too. We might have to wait a little longer for MacOS Big Sur to arrive, but Safari 14 just dropped, bringing with it a brand new Start Page.

The Start Page is the first page you'll see when opening up Safari. Previously, options were limited to a few bookmark icons, but there are now a bunch of customisable options, most notably the ability to deck out your page with a brand new background. Because what's the point of having one of the best laptops for graphic design if it doesn't also have a cool Safari background? (We jest. But they are cool). 

Safari backgrounds

Safari's new Start Page in action (Image credit: Apple)

As well as letting users upload a background image of their choice, Apple also includes a gallery carousel of its own delightful backgrounds, many of which involve animals. But if Twitter is anything to go by, the most popular background involves fast food. 

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You can install Safari 14 by selecting Software Update in System Preferences. One it's installed, it's easy to customise your Start Page. All you have to do is open up the app, click the Settings icon in the bottom right corner, and click the tick box next to Background Image. You then either select a stock background, or upload your own.   

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With users getting seriously creative with the iOS 14 home screens, we're glad MacOS users aren't quite being left in the cold – and we expect to see Twitter flooded with even more creative background as more users discover the feature. If you're in the market for a new Mac in time for MacOS Big Sur, check out today's best deals below – and don't forget to explore the best offers available as part of Apple Amazon Prime Day

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