Is this the best use of the McDonald's logo ever?

It's near impossible to avoid those famous golden arches nowadays with McDonald's restaurants popping up everywhere and sponsoring everything (at least it feels that way). We've seen them act as everything from a logo to a beehive, but this latest stunt might be the best use for them yet. 

Leo Burnett UAE and Studio M have designed an amazing marketing stunt for the famous restaurant in Dubai, where the instantly recognisable golden arches have been transformed into a swing set. Located in Media City, Internet City, Knowledge Park and Kite Beach, the swings encourage passers-by to take some downtime and spark their inner child. While it's not so much a billboard, it wouldn't look out of place on our roundup of the best examples of billboard advertising.

The McDonald's swings

The golden arches never looked so fun (Image credit: McDonald's/Leo Burnett UAE/Studio M)

The chief executive officer of McDonald's in the UAE, Walid Kafir, says: "With this creative work, we aimed to bring back the joy of childhood to UAE residents...the swings under the world’s most famous logo create happy moments and put smiles on people’s faces." 

Even as an adult, I would still be very excited to stumble upon the McDonald's swingset. It also ties in nicely with the McDonald's play-park initiative, which is recycling old happy Meal toys and turning them into playgrounds here in the UK. 

The McDonald's swing set

The swing set is supposed to encourage locals to embrace their inner child (Image credit: McDonald's/Leo Burnett/Studio M)

We've seen loads of clever McDonald's ads over the years from the McHive to the McDelivery posters, but this might be one of our favourites. Not only is the design playful, but also, as a major logo fan, I love the thought of being able to sit, stand and swing on the most famous logo in the world – it's almost like meeting a celebrity (in the nerdiest way possible). 

We'll have to keep our fingers crossed that the Mcdonald's swings make their way over to us sometime soon so we can have a go. But in the meantime, why not check out our roundup of the best print ads of all time, where you can sink your teeth into some more brilliant examples of advertising?

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Amelia Bamsey
Staff Writer

Amelia is Creative Bloq’s Staff Writer. After completing a degree in Popular Music and a Master’s in Song Writing, Amelia began designing posters, logos, album covers and websites for musicians. She now enjoys covering a range of topics on Creative Bloq, including posters, optical illusions, logos (she's a particular fan of logo Easter eggs), gaming and illustration. In her free time, she relishes in the likes of art (especially the Pre-Raphaelites), photography and literature. Amelia prides herself on her unorthodox creative methods, her Animal Crossing island and her extensive music library.