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Nintendo may have a mystery controller in the works

A fan made render of a Switch controller based on the N64 design.
(Image credit: David Engström)

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market now since 2017, and gamers are anticipating the announcement of the Switch Pro any day now. But its latest filing suggests that Nintendo have shifted its focus onto... a new controller?

The mysterious document, spotted by one Twitter user, describes, well, very little. The juicy details about the controller will be kept a secret until Nintendo announce the product, or in 180 days, which would take us to March. (If you haven't got yourself a Nintendo Switch yet, then check out our best Switch deals)

Two people playing on the Nintendo Switch using controllers based on the GameCube controllers.

Nintendo has already made controllers based on the GameCube models, will it attack the N64 design next? (Image credit: Power A)

The only information that anyone has managed to decipher from the filing is the fact that the controller will have a USB-C port. And when looking at the controllers on the market at the minute, the Joy-Con controllers charge by connecting to the Switch console, whereas the Pro Switch controllers charge via a USB-C. So could this mean that the mystery controller will be part of the Pro controller series? 

It's possible that the new controller will be based on one of the older Nintendo consoles, like the N64, to support the revival of some of its classic games. It was only recently that we saw Nintendo release a number of GameBoy and GameBoy Colour games onto the Switch. Now fans are speculating that Nintendo will release a number of N64 classics like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time, and we wouldn't put it past Nintendo to release the retro games with a nostalgic controller based on the N64 model. 

We will have to wait to see whether Nintendo are releasing a new controller, and in the meantime we'll continue to keep our fingers crossed for a Nintendo Switch Pro. If you're looking to up your gaming ante, then check out our list of the best free Nintendo switch games. 

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