Apple's new pink iPad delights some fans (and dismays others)

Pink iPad 2022
(Image credit: Apple/Future)

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard that Apple just announced a couple of new iPads. While the new line up was met with some confusion last week (the iPad and iPad Air are pretty indistinguishable now), now that the tablets are landing in users hands today, one particular model is proving a hot topic.

In the days of the Motorola Razr, hot pink tech was all the rage. Today's world of minimal silver and grey hues was a mere glint in Jonny Ive's eye, and rainbow-coloured gadgets were everywhere. But the new pink iPad is finally bringing the trend back. (Check out the best iPad deals if you're in the mood for some hot pink.)

iPhone 13 camera

The "pink" iPhone 13 is not so 'hot' (Image credit: Apple)

We've had a pink iPad before – but the pastel pink iPad Air might as well be called millennial pink, such is its pastel blandness. But the pink iPad 2022 is, as Mashable calls it, "truly, gloriously pink". And early adopters are loving it. "I’ve been looking at this pink iPad all day," tweets tech blogger iJustine, while another fan adds, "I've never wanted a new iPad so badly, omg." For the full lowdown on the new model, check out our iPad 2022 review.

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But it seems one particular group of Apple fans aren't quite so happy. In fact, they're positively pink green with envy. For years now, iPhone users have been crying out for a "hot pink" iPhone – and they're not happy that the iPad apparently got the colour first. 

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That said, it seems iPhone users have a short memory. The iPhone 5C, Apple's "unapologetically plastic" 2013 offering (below) came in one very hot shade of pink. Perhaps fans' recollections have been wiped by the wilderness years of 'rose gold'.

iPhone 5C

(Image credit: Apple)

Still, with iPhone 15 rumours already doing the rounds, it probably won't be long until we hear that there's absolutely, definitely going to be a hot pink iPhone in 2023. And speaking of unapologetic plasticity, did you hear the one about Apple working on a plastic iPad

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