Major PlayStation 5 UI leak sends fans into a frenzy

(Image credit: Sony)

PlayStation fans are eagerly awaiting news of the soon-to-be-released PS5, and the last few days have served up some juicy morsels from renowned sources and not-so-well-known leakers. With intel now out there about the console's boot up time, game loading speed, potential controller design and running noise, there's a lot to get your head around. Throw in the bizarre circumstances of some of the leaks, and it's a veritable mine(craft)field.

Sparks began to fly after a seriously bizarre post on Reddit promised to leak footage of the upcoming PS5 UI in exchange for the princely sum of $100. Surprisingly, someone paid up and said footage was uploaded. A whole 24 seconds of it – watch it below (to make your own videos, see our pick of top video editing apps).

Though there's no guarantee the video is real, fans on Reddit were sent into a frenzy over the boot up time. It took (an achingly-slow) 20 seconds for the console to start up, which is almost double that of the Xbox, just FYI. But while it's a relatively slow process, we're surprised people are that bothered – we remember the boot up times of the '90s (not to mention the '80s), which could run into entire minutes.

A black controller also features in the alleged leak, which led some to wonder if a black PS5 is on the cards (we would be totally on board – we loved this all-black concept design). However, others quickly shot the idea down, claiming it is a devkit prototype model, and not a new design. 

Unfortunately, the authenticity of the video has been widely questioned, with some commenters deeming it a concept design rather than a leak and others calling it a fake. But reports from Japanese publications Dengeki and 4Gamer are on firmer ground, with hands-on experiences claiming the PS5 will have a whisper-quiet running noise, and an incredibly fast game-load time. 

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After using the PS5, Dengeki said the machine's exhaust noise is "exceptionally quiet" (translated by VGC contributor Robert Sephazon), and that the "exhaust port was gentle and didn’t feel exceedingly hot", which is great news after the jet-like noise capacity of previous consoles (we're looking at you PS4).

After the hilarious beginnings to the PS5 (remember the mountain of memes?), it's brilliant to get some positive news about the upcoming release. And if that video defies the odds and turns out to be real, we're sure we can get used to waiting a whole 20 seconds for it to start up.

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