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Stunning PS5 UI concept is a minimal design dream

PS5 UI design
Joshua Oluwagbemiga's UI concept (Image credit: Joshua Oluwagbemiga)

Playstation fans itching to get their first glimpse of Sony's new console are having to wait a little longer, with the company deciding to postpone last week's launch in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. This does, at least, mean there's more time to enjoy fan-made concepts, such as this stunning new UI design.

Designer Joshua Oluwagbemiga shared his concept (below) to Twitter last week, and it's already proved a huge hit. The super-clean, image-led interface is filled with sharp lines and and smooth transitions, and manages to display a ton of information in a surprisingly minimal aesthetic. A clear UI is an essential aspect of any software, app or website (our website mockup guide is full of brilliant examples) and this one gets it just right.

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Some of the myriad of information available for each game includes the latest checkpoint reached and trophy earned. One particularly nice touch is how Oluwagbemiga shows the interface in situ, on a TV mounted within a room straight out of an interior design catalogue, making the PS5 look like an essential addition to any aspirational home – perhaps even for non-gamers. Nice work. 

Oluwagbemiga's design has gone down a treat on Twitter. "I wish Sony cared this much about UI," one user laments, while several others comment that this beautiful interface looks less Sony and more Apple (check out this amazing sale to bag yourself some Apple design on the cheap). 

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Both the PS5 logo and DualSense controller designs both left us a little cold, but we were blown away by recent demo of the console's graphics potential. While Sony was right to delay the launch amid Black Lives Matter protests (find out how creatives are supporting the movement), we can't wait to see what the company has in store when the time comes.  

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