Weirdly, this Pokemon Snap remaster is making me love '90s design trends

The graphic for Pokémon Snap
(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you've been living under a rock, you may have missed the revival of all things retro as of late. The '90s is currently at the forefront of fashion and design trends, and we can't say we're mad – especially when we get to replay the games like Pokemon Snap with its unbelievably cute old-school graphics.

Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo Switch is the latest title to receive a modern remaster (check out our Nintendo Switch deals if you haven't got a Switch console yet). The game follows Todd who photographs the creatures in their natural habitats. It might feel like all these retro remasters are starting to feel a little repetitive, but at least it's keeping this nostalgic and adorable aesthetic on trend. 

Pokémon Snap is part of Nintendo's Retro Game Library. The library is included in the Switch's expansion pack which costs players £3.49/$3.99 a month or £34.99/$49.99 for the year. And it's not the only game that's received a modern makeover – you can also play the likes of Mario Kart 64, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Zelda the Ocarina of Time.

Pokémon Snap was originally created for the Nintendo 64 back in 1999 by the Hal Library. The Switch version of the 1999 game is the same as the original, but it has refreshed graphics that look a lot brighter and cleaner (see the video above).  And while I am all for a game revival, why not create a brand new retro-style version of the game instead of just remastering an old one, like the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's revenge game?

I, like many other gamers, am a sucker for that classic old-school design. It makes sense to take the best aspects of modern games like specs and smoother running, and combine them with the nostalgic and familiar aesthetics of classic games – it's the best of both worlds, right?

A screenshot of the Pokémon Snap game

New Pokémon Snap came out in 2021  (Image credit: Nintendo)

With that being said, it is nice that a new generation of gamers gets to experience some of these classic games without the faff (and hefty price tag) of having to hunt for the original console and game, but it is starting to all feel a little tired.

I'm getting impatient waiting for something concrete on the Nintendo Switch Pro and the release of the new Zelda, Xenoblade and Bayonetta games (which might be announced at the June Nintendo Direct event) but these retro revivals suffice for now. If you're getting bored of retro revivals though, then why not check out some of the best cozy Switch games

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