The PS5 Pro rumours have started (and I'm here for it)

Image of the PS5
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Not managed to get hold of the elusive PS5 yet? You're not alone – and if new rumours are anything to go by, its successor could well arrive before stock gets moving properly. Yep, the PS5 Pro leaks are starting in earnest – and we just got the biggest info dump yet.

A gaming YouTube channel has dropped a video filled with claims about the PS5 Pro, covering everything from specs to release date. And if even a few of the details turn out to be true, we're in for quite the monster machine. (Fancy your chances? Check out the latest PS5 restock news.)

PS5 console and controller

The standard PS5 is still hard to get hold of (Image credit: Sony)

The headline news is that the PS5 Pro's GPU that could offer up to twice the performance of that of the PS5. It's also said to be capable of running 4K games natively, and at a higher FPS than the PS5. If you're after the granular tech details, take a look at RedGamingTech's video below.


Meanwhile, Sony is said to be developing its own version NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) tech, offering supersampling exclusive to the PlayStation 5 Pro. DLSS is rumoured to be hitting the Nintendo Switch Pro, but it seems Sony is already one step ahead.

And now for the bit you've been waiting for: when is this thing going to be released? According to RedGamingTech, 2023 at the earliest. But 2024 is sounding more likely, with Sony considering a release to coincide with the PS5's 4th anniversary.

Sony recently admitted that a redesign of the PS5 might be necessary in order to meet demand, confirming that in order to meet its sales targets, "[Sony] could find maybe a secondary resource [for the elusive semiconductors], or by changing the design". With that in mind, we wouldn't be surprised to see Sony give the PS5 a fresh coat of paint for the 'Pro' edition – especially after the gargantuan beast was mercilessly mocked on release.

Time will tell what Sony has in store for the PS5 Pro – but we'll be happy with anything as long as we can actually, you know, get hold of it. Don't fancy waiting? check out today's best games console deals below – and be sure to take a look at these awesome Nintendo Switch deals.

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