Check out these 6 surprising creative trends for 2022

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Revolving around the categories of time and space, Shutterstock has revealed what six creative trends it believes will be popular in 2022, with weird and wonderful titles such as Fantastic (14th Century). The Marcarbe, Way Out West, On The Road Again, Cyberpunk is Not Dead, and What's Cooking. 

While some trends we expected to see, such as Cyberpunk (with the recent revival of The Matrix and the birth of the metaverse), there are some we didn't expect (did you know dinosaurs were so popular in Chile?). You can dive deep into each of the predictions in an interactive universe with your very own avatar on the Shutterstock website. If you're looking to get creative but aren't sure where to start, then why not check out our roundup of the best digital art software?

This is our favourite predictions page we've seen for a while (sorry, Adobe) as it's jam-packed with information and has an incredibly interactive design. You and your adorable 8-bit style avatar can explore examples of each trend, as well as a number of percentages and stats about what is trending. 

Shutterstock has even included localised trends (see below), so if you're a creative in Japan, Brazil, UK, or even Egypt you can check what's popular in your area and create accordingly. It truly is the one-stop shop for creatives all over the world to get inspired and find out what trends to hop on.

The Shutterstock global trends graphic

You can check out which trend is popular in your country (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The one thing that keeps cropping up in this years predictions is the elusive metaverse, so it came as no surprise when we saw the Cyberpunk trend sitting in Shutterstock's list. However, we didn't expect to see the wild west or the 14th century making a comeback any time soon, but we're excited to see what these will look like in this day and age - bring on the period dramas. 

Only time will tell whether Shutterstock's predictions were accurate or not, but in the meantime, why not treat yourself to some of the best graphic design software, and get ahead of the trends while you still can. 

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