What does Nintendo's new announcement mean for the Switch Pro?

If, like most Nintendo fans, you've been wondering when the much-rumoured Switch Pro is finally going to arrive, the company's latest earnings report may – or may not – be music to your ears. Nintendo has just explicitly stated that the Switch is "only in the middle" of its lifecycle – which could have big implications for the Switch Pro.

The report announces that the Switch has just passed 100m units sold, making it officially the company's best-selling console ever. But if it's got another 5 years in it, does that mean we should give up hope for the Switch Pro? (Check out the best Nintendo Switch deals if you're ready to start gaming right now). 

Nintendo Switch Pro concept

A fan-made render of the Nintendo Switch Pro (Image credit: Computer Bild)

As spotted by Bloomberg, Nintendo says "The Switch is ready to break a pattern of our past consoles that saw momentum weakening in their sixth year on the market and grow further.” Indeed, the console still manages to top wish lists after half a decade, and the recently released OLED model is still hard to find. 

But it's the next detail that has us wondering what Nintendo has planned for the future of the console. “Switch is just in the middle of its lifecycle," Nintendo says, "and the momentum going into this year is good."

The statement could arguably be read in two entirely different ways. If it means Nintendo plans to support the original Switch model for another 5 years, that could suggest no imminent plans for a Switch Pro – at least until 2027. If, like us, you've been holding out for a souped-up Switch sequel, that can only be bad news.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The Switch is still hugely popular – as shown by the scarcity of the new OLED model (Image credit: Nintendo)

But then again, perhaps Nintendo is referring to the entire Switch line-up (indeed, the report makes reference to both the Switch and Switch OLED). If that's the case, and Nintendo means something entirely new is coming after 2027, does this mean the Switch Pro might arrive within five years?

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Yes, they're two very different readings. But seeing as we can't wait for the so-called Switch Pro (or is that Switch 2?) (or Super Nintendo Switch?), we'll take the latter reading, thanks. If Nintendo sees the lifespan of the entire Switch product line as 10 years, then we're keeping our fingers crossed that we might be playing Switch games in 4K before 2027. Don't fancy waiting to find out? Check out today's best Nintendo Switch deals below.

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