This bizarre Tesla theme park concept makes us really want to visit

Tesla has been responsible for some outlandish output in its time. But what would happen if Elon Musk's team of out-of-the-box thinkers applied themselves to creating an adrenaline-inducing Tesla theme park? This is exactly what a group of car-mad illustrators have envisioned with a series of renders, which depict the action-packed rides in the aptly named 'CyberLand'.

With car branded theme parks springing up all over the place (if you didn't know about this, it's a thing. You can actually visit Ferrari Land, VW Autostadt and Toyota Megaweb right now), the idea of a Tesla version doesn't seem all that far-fetched. After all, it'd have a whole bunch of material to base the rides on – from cars to space travel and beyond. Want to make your own render? Try these Illustrator tutorials.

Tesla theme park

Tesla's imagined theme park in map form (Image credit: Lease Fetcher)

LeaseFetcher, a car leasing comparison website, laid out the blueprint for Cyberland, the Tesla-themed theme park (see the map above). We have to be honest, at first we put this up with the wildest of Musk's ideas but seeing how neatly the Tesla product range and concepts tie in with theme park rides makes us kinda want to visit. See some of our favourite ideas below.

Tesla theme park

Finally! A use for the Cybertruck (Image credit: Lease Fetcher)

After all our Cybertruck coverage, the fact we never considered the bulletproof, dystopian vehicle for the dodgems seems remiss. In fact, given the problems with the legality of the truck's design for some roads, the dodgems ride seems just the right place for it – we just hope those windows don't smash (again).

Tesla theme park

If anyone is going to create a flying car... (Image credit: Lease Fetcher)

If anyone is going to make a car actually fly, it'll be Musk. And at this CyberLand utopia, you'll be able to imagine the future, with the host of Tesla Model X cars taking to the sky (sort-of) in the Flying Cars Swing Ride.

Other highlights include the Tesla self-driving school, a SpaceX Slingshot ride and the Tesla Hyperloop Motion Simulator. Check out the whole project right here.

If all this has whet your appetite for more theme park action, check out our guide to theme park design or find out about the Studio Ghibli theme park that's actually on its way in 2022.

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