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Is this Apple AirTag mod even better than the original?

Apple AirTags
Apple's AirTag design isn't ideal for every scenario (Image credit: Apple)

Apple's brand new AirTag tracker is impressively small – but that doesn't mean it's ideal for every scenario. Attaching it to a bicycle, for example, isn't particularly easy, and you're hardly going to stick it to a pair of glasses (well, you can if you like – but it's going to attract some attention).

But perhaps the biggest inconvenience is that it can't be inserted into a wallet, or at least one without a coin pocket. The round, button-like shape isn't designed to slip into a card holder – so one plucky modder has decided to take drastic action. (Check out our best Apple deals page if you're looking for new kit). 

YouTuber Andrew Ngai wanted to be able to place an AirTag in his wallet without "creating a bulge", so what did he do? Why, he took apart the Airtag, laid its components out horizontally and created a 3D printed, card-shaped enclosure, of course.

And best of all, Ngai also provides 3D printing instructions for if you'd like to create your own 'card-like insert for disassembled AirTag'. Of course, disassembling an AirTag is entirely at your own risk – as Ngai's video proves, taking it apart is a very fiddly process, and we doubt the Genius Bar would be happy to replace an AirTag that's, you know, disassembled. 

AirTag card hack

It's not as elegant as Apple's design – but it fits in your wallet (Image credit: Andrew Ngai)

With its exposed wiring and battery, Ngai's solution obviously lacks the polish of Apple's official AirPods design. But hey, if it's going to spend its life slipped inside your wallet, who cares what it looks like? So, if you're feeling brave and feel like following Ngai's guide, or you just fancy some regular, bulbous Apple trackers, check out today's best AirTags deals below.

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