TikTok users are loving this photo editing hack

TikTok photo editing hack
Get that 'golden hour' look (Image credit: @jazmintheegreat on Twitter/Future owns)

If you're longing to evoke the heady days of summer in your pictures, you're in luck as there's a new iPhone photo-editing hack in town. TikTok users are going wild for this magic formula, which transforms your photos into warm, sun-drenched utopias. The only catch is that the original photo has to be taken in bright, natural light. 

Sound good? Well, all you need to recreate the majesty is an iOS device and a specific set of instructions (which you'll find below). This may be one of the best smartphone photography tricks we've seen – it recreates the 'golden hour' of sunlight pretty accurately. 

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♬ original sound - poussy fire🔥

The trick was originally shared by TikTok user anaugazz (above), whose video has been viewed over 13.7M times. And now, users across the entire social media spectrum are sharing their own sun-kissed snaps:


wow lol I luv it.##fy ##photo ##photohack ##fyp

♬ original sound - poussy fire🔥
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If you're with the majority who thinks that looks pretty awesome (and it is a huge majority), then take to your iPhone and perform the following steps:

  • Exposure: +100
  • Brilliance: +100
  • Highlights: -32
  • Shadows: -26
  • Contrast: -30
  • Brightness: -15
  • Black point: +10
  • Saturation: +10
  • Vibrance: +8
  • Warmth: +10
  • Tint: +29
  • Sharpness: +14
  • Definition: +23
  • Exposure: pushed all the way to zero

This is by no means the only viral craze we've seen emerge on TikTok lately. From Apple's AirPods Jump campaign to that colour personality test, it seems trends are born on TikTok these days. UPDATE: see the 'blurry face' photoediting hack that's been trending on TikTok.

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And if you're ready to up your photo editing game, check out today's best Adobe Creative Cloud deals below.

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