This bizarre Twitter graphic is giving people nightmares

Twitter has been in the eye of the public quite a lot recently (what, with Elon Musk buying it and all). But now it's coming under scrutiny for one very peculiar reason – the internet is not a fan of its beady-eyed "No quote tweets" mascot. 

A user on Twitter has pointed out the obscure bird design (see below) and asked the question we all had on our minds: why on Earth does it have human eyes? If you're yet to join Twitter (where have you been?), and fancy diving into the weird world of retweets, likes and now, freaky birds, but don't have a device to support the platform, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best deals on iPads. In the meantime, let's take a deeper look at this strange hybrid creature.

The bird – and we'll call it a bird – appears to users who haven't yet made any quote tweets (if you're not a tweeter yourself, a quote tweet is when you retweet someone adding your own two cents). But users want to know what Twitter was thinking, with a raft of Tweets asking, "what's with the bird?" "What the hell is this," one user commented. Another wrote: "no quote tweets" bird is haunting me with its human eyes."

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We're not sure exactly when the spooky-eyed parrot was introduced, but it certainly does look quite different from the rest of Twitter's branding. Although Twitter came in for a grungy rebrand last year, and it does use some surreal collages (there's a broken egg giving a press conference in the Moments section – we've seen nothing quite this psychedelic, and this mashup parrot is very much a different species from Twitter's most famous bird, its more minimalist logo. One user compared it to an  "ass" version of the logo of animation studio Klasky Csupo.

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We assume Twitter's aim may be simply to convince people to make quote tweets so they can stop seeing the ugly beast. Of course, another way to escape is by considering the best Twitter alternatives, which have been attracting interest since Musk's acquisition of the platform. You might also want to see our feature on how to sell on Instagram if you think that might be an option for you. Or perhaps you could have a go at making a better mashup collage for Twitter using the best graphic design software.

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Amelia Bamsey
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