Us By Night 2019 is set to be bigger and better than ever

Us By Night, the three-day design extravaganza, is returning for its fourth year with a new and bigger space. This unique weekend is like no other design event and to add to the festival feel, this year will take place in September, rather than the usual Novemeber timeslot. From 26-28 September, this night-time display of talks, community spaces and design installations will be housed in its new space at Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150 in Antwerp. Although a bit of a pain to spell, this location boasts beautiful views of the city skyline, and as the sun goes down the party begins. It's the ideal event to learn how to network successfully.

Four men in high visibility jackets assembling graffiti, art and bright stickers onto a large white board

There's a joke here somewhere about how many men it takes to put up an art wall...

With continued backing from the city of Antwerp, this new location has a bigger space for 2019, allowing up to 500 more people every day of the event. Organiser Rizon Parein is full of praise for the new space: "The new venue is a wide-open concrete warehouse with a less defined grid as our previous location, leaving us more freedom to build an even crazier scenography," he says.

Three stylish men sat on the floor bathed in purple and blue light interestedly observing and listening to a speaker (not shown)

There are tons of insightful talks across the three stages at Us By Night

This year, 70 artists are on the lineup. Christening the new space are Grilli Type, Na Kim, The Yarza Twins, Ezra Miller, and many more big names. "Once the majority of speakers have confirmed it's like painting a canvas, you look at all three stages and available slots and aim to tell an interesting, dynamic and exciting story, it's like a symphony", Parein says. And if the lineup is anything to go by, this year's song is shaping up to be even sweeter than before.

A large warehouse with dangling light fixtures, open shipping containers line the right wall. In the foreground are multiple Mac computers being used by attendees. In the background people are walking around the instalments and market areas.

There's something for everyone in this fluorescent metropolis

With Mr. Bingo hosting the main stage again this year, it seems clear that Us By Night 2019 will be taking the successes of past years forward with it. A social feel is one thing that is taking centre stage yet again. "The event encourages community and at the same time is supported and driven by this community," says Parein.

The expansion of the night market into a partially outdoors area ensures the networking and social aspects are even more available to everyone attending. "What happens next to the stage is equally important to what happens on the stage, we value the social aspect very high and this set is going to facilitate that once again," Parein explains. 

With graphic design by Ines Cox, and website and social media design by Mr. Henry, tickets for this event are going fast, so make sure you get yours from the Us By Night website before they're gone!

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