We can't get enough of this joyful '90s Instagram account

'90s memorablia
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All good things come around again, and the '90s revival is in full swing. On that nostalgic note, we feel compelled to draw your attention to a brilliant Instagram account, which shares '90s design classics encompassing everything from toys to branded cereal bowls (below) and beyond. Basically, if you had it in your home, it'll be shared on this account.

Named Knee Deep in the '90s, the account, run by Victoria Carser, takes suggestions from members of the Instagram community (who have a surprising amount of memorabilia stashed in their attics) and shares it to daily stories and posts (just two of the ways to boost your Instagram engagement, FYI). Be warned: fall down this rabbit hole and you'll be immersed for hours. 

Each post is a trip down memory lane, and a piece of design history you actually used. Those terrapin Kinder Egg toys, huge collections of Point Horror and Sweet Valley books (book cover design goals), the Dream Phone game everyone wanted and oodles of stationery designed for high-class swapsies are just a few of our favourites.

"I started the page when I turned 40 back in January," Carser told Creative Bloq. "I pulled out a load of old things before my birthday and I was sharing them on my regular page. Some people were loving it and others not so much so I decided to start a dedicated page. I never expected it to grow so quickly and have such a strong engagement with followers. I was aged 8 - 17 during the 90s - what a time to be alive!"

With saved highlights including Body Shop, watches (including swatches, natch), TV and magazines, there is something for everyone here. This is reflected in the follower count, which is rising exponentially and has just hit 106,000 followers. Check out our new favourite Insta account here, and then check out Microsoft's new gloriously '90s clothing line. You're welcome.

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