This wooden Lego decor is an interior design dream

The wooden Lego interior decorations.
(Image credit: Room Copenhagen/Future)

We love Lego here at Creative Bloq – it's the ultimate toy, perfect for both kids and adults. Perhaps you might have grown out of your brick-building days, but what if we told you there's a different way to have Lego in your house? Say hello to one of the most aesthetically pleasing Lego products we have ever seen. 

Lego has released a number of beautiful interior decorations in the form of wooden Lego bricks – and we love them. There are a range of decorations in the collection, including frames, shelves, desk drawers and hooks that are all based on Lego shapes. And just when you thought these designs couldn't get any cooler, the desk drawers actually all fit together like real lego bricks. If you fancy building some amazing Lego sets, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best Lego sets for adults

A decorated with wooden Lego.

The wooden Lego bricks are subtle yet gorgeous (Image credit: Room Copenhagen/Lego)

The designs were made by Room Copenhagen, which specialises in making Lego and Crayola-themed decor. The collection ranges from £79.99 for a picture frame to the £209.99 for the large desk drawer, which is a little on the pricey side but we're still seriously tempted. With the designs being based on the original Lego bricks, they're triggering some serious nostalgia in us, and we would love them in our homes. 

Of course, we aren't the only ones that love the new designs, and many people responded to the announcement of the wooden Lego online. One user on Instagram commented Room Copenhagen's post, "Simply awesome," and another replied, "Obsessed". People also took to Twitter to compliment the wooden Lego, one user tweeted, "I want it all," and we totally agree. 

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We love these designs and think that they are not only adorable but also sustainable. They're almost as cute as when Lego created this LGBT+ pride set. We would love to decorate our homes with these beautiful wooden Lego bricks, so we will keep our fingers crossed for Christmas. Speaking of, if you are hoping to stock up on Lego for the festive season, then make sure you check out our Lego hub that is jam-packed full of available Lego deals

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