Is it just me, or does that portable Xbox screen look like something else?

When asked to think of a portable games console, it's probably the Nintendo Switch or even the brand new Steam Deck that spring to mind first. I bet you don't think of the Xbox Series S – but this awesome new accessory might just change that.

UPspec's xScreen for the Xbox Series S transforms the monster console into a semi-portable device with the addition of an 11.6-inch display. But it's how seamlessly it attaches to the console itself that's attracting the most attention. (Not got an Xbox yet? Check out the best Xbox Series S deals.) 

xScreen for Xbox

The xScreen in all its glory (Image credit: UpSpec Gaming)

xScreen fits snugly on the top of the Xbox Series X, and the integrated HDMI mean no additional cables are required. Which all sounds incredibly innovative – until I remembered my favourite childhood PlayStation gadget did the same thing. 

Remember the PSone LCD screen? Back in 2000, Sony released a similar add on for its slim PlayStation console, allowing it to be played around the house and, of course, in the back of a car. It was a delightfully extra accessory – and I'm getting exactly the same vibe from the xScreen.

PSone with LCD display

Ah, the memories... (Image credit: Sony)

For starters, it comes with exactly the same caveats a whole 22 years later. 'Portable' is a strong word for a device that needs to be connected to a power supply at all times – especially when that device is as beefy as the Xbox Series S. That said, it's perfect for an ad-hoc gaming session around the house. Want to keep playing while boiling the kettle? There's now a screen for that.

And it seems early adopters are loving the xScreen, with plenty of users taking to Twitter to share their love for the new accessory:

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Indeed, while Microsoft is out there releasing Xbox fridges and triggering posters, we're seeing some awesome products from third-party creators like UpSpec. The xScreen is available now, and will set you back $249.99. Want to start gaming right now? Check out today's best games console deals below. 

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