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McDonald's launches cycle-friendly packaging

The 'McBike' box is designed to slip over handlebars

The 'McBike' box is designed to slip over handlebars

From narrow cycle lanes to finding somewhere to chain their bikes, cyclists aren't always well catered for. But ordering a McDonald's is set to get a whole lot easier thanks to the introduction of the 'McBike'.

Fast food fans can now exercise on their way to eat thanks to this new packaging creation. Designed by Tribal Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 'McBike' has launched in Copenhagen and Medellin, two places with a huge cycling culture.

Cleverly designed to comfortably hold a drink, fries and a burger, the 'McBike' easily hooks over handlebars. McDonald's are pitching the pack as part of a healthier lifestyle, and aims to introduce it to Amsterdam and Tokyo soon.

[via DesignTaxi]

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