32 graphic designers to follow on Instagram

23. Mike Perry 

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram Mike Perry

Keep up with Mike Perry on Instagram

With over 57,000 followers, Mike Perry is a man of many talents. He has extensive experience in the art and design worlds, and his Instagram account includes snapshots of his work and travels.

24. Alex Donne-Johnson 

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram Alex Donne Johnson

Dazzle Ship founder Alex Donne-Johnson has some stunning work on Instagram

For beautiful 3D artwork, futuristic lettering and top-class photography, keep an eye on the Instagram account of Dazzle Ship studio founder and creative director Alex Donne-Johnson – also known as Vector Meldrew. His latest contribution to #36daysoftype was likened to a 'Saturn feather pillow pretzel' [pictured top-left] – an apt description, we're sure you'll agree.

25. Will Bryant 

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram Will Bryant

For a hand-drawn feel, check out Will Bryant on Instagram

Will Bryant is a designer, artist, illustrator and part-time graphic design lecturer in Portland. His Instagram account is a comic mix of his work, his inspirations and life in the city famous for arty hipster hangouts.

26. Lauren Hom 

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram Lauren Hom

California-born, formerly Brooklyn-based designer and letterer Lauren Hom is currently traveling the world

Designer and letterer Lauren Hom is the founder of lettering blog DailyDishonesty.com. Her Instagram account shares some of the snippy sayings from the blog, as well as her passion for baking and travel snaps.

27. Kyle Wilkinson 

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram Kyle Wilkinson

Kyle Wilkinson an award-winning British designer from Yorkshire, England

Hacksaw founder and graphic designer Kyle Wilkinson is one to watch. As well as glimpses from his stunning portfolio of work, you'll find in-progress shots of the man at work alongside his product work too.

28. Tad Carpenter 

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram Tad Carpenter

Follow the wonderful world of Tad Carpenter on Instagram

Designer, illustrator, author and teacher Tad Carpenter shares his passion for fun and colourful design on his Instagram account with snapshots of his work, as well as quirky design finds. A great one to follow if you're a fan of character design.

29. Anna Dorfman 

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram Anna Dorfman

Anna Dorfman designs book covers and more

The Instagram account of designer Anna Dorfman oozes cool. With snaps of her work, dogs and Brooklyn life, it's a fun and quirky account to add to your list.

30. Gavin Strange 

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram Gavin Strange

Gavin Strange is a Jack of all trades - and pretty good at them all

Senior designer at Aardman by day and freelance designer working under the moniker of Jam Factory by night, Gavin Strange uses his account to share his passion for design and bikes.

31. Brand Nu 

 Graphic designers to follow on Instagram Brand Nu

For polished, slick artwork, follow Radim Malinic - Brand Nu - on Instagram

Speaking of #36daysoftype (see no 20), as we write this you'll find the latest contributions from British creative director Radim Malinic, aka Brand Nu, on his Instagram account. Keep up to date with his latest work and speaking adventures on Instagram.

32. Supermundane

We’re big fans of Supermundane’s work, which can be seen on Instagram

Rob Lowe, aka Supermundane, is a graphic designer, artist, illustrator and typographer with over two decades of experience in the creative industry. His Instagram feed is a vibrant blaze of inspiration - definitely worth a follow if you’re into strong graphics and bold colour. 

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