The 55 best free Photoshop brushes

35. Rough paint strokes

Rough paint stroke brushes

These rough paint strokes are ideal for suggesting a rundown building or half-finished paint job. This high-res Photoshop brush is free to download and can be used for personal and commercial work. 

Limitations: Do not redistribute

36. Shattered glass

Shattered glass brushes

This set consists of 12 free, high-resolution and high-quality Photoshop brushes. They're easy to customise – edit the opacity, blending modes or mask out different parts of the brushes to suit your particular needs.

Limitations: None

37. Distressed halftone brush strokes

Distressed halftone brush strokes

If you can't decide between a distressed brush stroke and a halftone brush stroke, why not have both? This set of 21 brushes is perfect for adding a vintage, worn or retro effect to your work.

Limitations: none

38. Mixergraph Grunge Brushes

Mixergraph Grunge Brushes

Handmade, digitised and individually edited by Marc Pallàs, this set of five grunge brushes will transform your illustrations and designs with a gloriously rough-and-ready look, making them seem like they're hot off the photocopier.

Limitations: none 

39. Grimey brushes

Grimey brushes

Useful for adding a bit of dirt to your images, this collection of five brushes from Mattox Shuler is understated but incredibly versatile.

Limitations: none

40. Sponge party

Sponge Photoshop brushes

Some beautiful textures make up this collection of eight high-quality brushes, including some excellent sponge brush marks, great for adding timbre to collage work.

Limitations: none

41. Scorched and burned

Scorched and burned Photoshop brushes

Another great set of brushes from WeGraphics that feature realistic scorch and burn effects in 10 different designs.

Limitations: cannot be redistributed

42. Scar face

Scar face Photoshop brushes

Ideal if you want to introduce some scarring to portraits or simply generate beautifully textured background elements.

Limitations: none

43. Grunge and smooth floral brushes

Grunge and smooth floral brushes for Photoshop

A great set of mixed media brushes along a grunge and floral theme, ranging in size from 800px to 100px wide.

Limitations: non-commercial use only

44. Bokeh brushes

Bokeh Photoshop brushes

The term Bokeh is of Japanese origin and refers to the appearance or feel of the out-of-focus areas of a photograph. Add this cool effect to your imagery with this free set of high quality Bokeh brushes

Limitations: None

45. Antique postcards

Antique postcard Photoshop brushes

This wonderful collection of six antique postcard designs provides an excellent background for further design work. Each card brush features text and a delightful patina.

Limitations: none

46. Spray splatter

Spray splatter Photoshop brushes

A lovely collection of 12 brushes covering up to 2500px each. This set features a range of spray patterns suitable for generating dirty backgrounds and textures, or highlighting typography.

Limitations: none

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