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All the best free Photoshop brushes

On this page of our ultimate collection of free Photoshop brushes, you’ll find the best free grunge brushes the internet has to offer. You can use these brushes to add age, depth and distressed effects to your artwork.

40. Standard Issue Subtle Texture brushes

Photoshop brushes: retrosupply

Get in on the freebies
  • Designer: RetroSupply
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Normally you’d have to pay $15 for RetroSupply’s game-changing collection of grunge Photoshop brushes, the Standard Issue Subtle Brush kit. But the illustration resource site is giving away one of its best-selling grunge Photoshop brushes from the Standard Issue Subtle Brush kit for free, over on the RetroSupply website. All you need to do is sign up for the newsletter to get it – and you’ll get a host of other premium free Photoshop brushes too. 

41. Rough paint strokes

Photoshop brushes: Rough paint stroke brushes

  • Designer: Creative Nerds
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

If you're looking for a rough paint stroke, these brilliant grunge Photoshop brushes from Creative Nerds should do the trick. They're high res and free to download, and can be used for personal and commercial work. 

42. Shattered glass

Photoshop brushes: Shattered glass

You can fully customise the shattered glass effect
  • Designer: UCreative
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

This set consists of 12 free, high-resolution (2500px x 2500px) and high-quality Photoshop brushes for creating an intricate shattered glass effect. They're easy to customise – you can edit the opacity, blending modes or mask out different parts of the brushes to create textured effects.

43. Distressed halftone brush strokes

Photoshop brushes: distressed

Perfect for when you can't decide between a halftone or distressed brushstroke
  • Designer: Designer Candies
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

If you can't decide between a distressed brush stroke and a halftone brush stroke, why not have both? This set of 21 Photoshop brushes is perfect for adding a vintage, worn or retro effect to your work.

44. Mixergraph Grunge Brushes

Mixergraph Grunge Brushes

  • Designer: Marc Pallàs
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Handmade, digitised and individually edited by Marc Pallàs, this set of five grunge brushes will transform your illustrations and designs with a gloriously rough-and-ready look, making them seem like they're hot off the photocopier.

45. Sponge party

Photoshop brushes: Sponge

The sponge textures are beautiful

  • Designer: Melissa
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Sponge party is a collection of eight medium-resolution Photoshop brushes that include some beautiful textures. including some excellent sponge brush marks – great for adding timbre to collage work.

46. Scorched and burned

Photoshop brushes: Scorched and burned

There are 10 different designs to choose from
  • Designer: WeGraphics
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Scorched and burned is another great set of brushes from WeGraphics. This pack features realistic scorch and burn effects in 10 different designs. You can use them directly to create burn marks, or in a more abstract way to distress your artwork. 

47. Scar face

Photoshop brushes: Scar face

Add scarring to portraits
  • Designer: NatalieHijazi
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Scar face is a collection of 12 textured Photoshop brushes that is ideal if you want to introduce some scarring to portraits. But you can also use them simply to generate beautifully textured background elements, and add age and depth to your work.

48. Grunge and smooth floral brushes

Grunge and smooth floral brushes for Photoshop

  • Designer: KeepWaiting
  • Usage: Free for personal use

This is great set of crisp, clean mixed-media grunge and smooth Photoshop brushes with a grungy floral theme. Created in Photoshop 7, the brushes range in size from 800px to 100px wide. DeviantArt member KeepWaiting says they're free for non-commercial use only.

49. Antique postcards

Photoshop brushes: Antique postcard

A great starting point for further design work
  • Designer: BitBox
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

This wonderful collection of six hi-res antique postcard designs provides an excellent starting point for further design work. Each brush can be used as a template, and features text and a delightful patina.

50. Spray splatter

Photoshop brushes: Spray splatter

Spray splatter includes 12 spray patterns
  • Designer: Dimitar Tsankov
  • Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

This is a brilliant collection of 12 spray splatter Photoshop brushes that, happily, are high-res at 2500px each. This set features a range of spray patterns suitable for generating dirty backgrounds and textures, or bringing typography to life.

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