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Test logos across social platforms with this FREE Photoshop template

Sometimes, fitting your logo into the square format that most social media platforms use can cause your design to be altered, cut or otherwise not turn out as planned. So Wickie Media have come up with this free Photoshop template to ease your logo design woes.

The template enables you to preview what your logo will look like on a variety of social media platforms. It's a Photoshop CC document, and with the Image assets generator you can live-export all the needed files to upload your avatar and cover art for all your social media websites to create a consistent look.

It's super easy to use, with the avatars and cover-image sizes for all the different social media websites shown; a website-version as well as the mobile-apps are shown for Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and all the image assets are already enabled - creating a folder with all the cover-images and avatars you'll need.

For more information, head to the Wickie Media website.

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Will you be using this free Photoshop template? Let us know in the comments box below!