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Environmental poster campaign is tree-mendous

Tree Council posters

“We did the whole job pro bono, with The Tree Council paying for print costs only,” says studio co-founder Marc Atkinson. “We work for a lot of charities, as it’s something close to our hearts.”

Most designers we talk to love print - books, magazines, posters; you name it. Trouble is, often they love trees too, and our planet seems to be running out of those. There's a conflict, but London studio MARC&ANNA has been working to put things right by designing a series of posters for The Tree Council, a charity whose aim is to plant and look after trees in communities around Britain. Hats off to the studio for doing it pro bono as well.

With halftone patterns, a limited colour palette and distressed type, they went for an un-fussy, lo-fi look. "We wanted a low-key feel to suit the recycled Cyclus Offset paper and we didn’t want the final materials to feel glossy or expensive," continues Atkinson. "We went for colours that felt natural, complementing the green of the logo.

"The copy itself has a bold, no-nonsense tone, so we chose a bold woodcut-like typeface to reinforce that." The charity is pleased with the work and has been emailing tree-based puns to MARC&ANNA ever since.

Tree Council poster 2

Tree Council poster 3

Tree Council poster 4

This article was originally published in Computer Arts issue 211.

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