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10 postcard designs that can't fail to offend

The graphic design scene can sometimes seem a little staid, which is why we're big fans of maverick pen-and-ink illustrator Mr Bingo. His quirky talks at design events are always a treat, and so are his side projects...

Take his Hate Mail postcard service, which we first told you about back in 2012. The personalised, purposely abusive postcards he offered for sale proved so popular that he couldn't keep up with demand and eventually had to stop.

Since its inception four years ago, he's reopened the service nine times, with all editions selling out in minutes – resulting in a total of 928 vintage postcards, skillfully emblazoned with offensive messages, being sent to willing recipients.

But now fans of sweary personalised art have a new reason to rejoice, as Mr Bingo has launched a Kickstarter campaign (which has already exceeded its £35,000 goal) to create a retrospective book, Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection.

As a result, for the first time this year, over 100 original Hate Mails are on offer, including the covetable 1000th Hate Mail edition.

The book promises to be a high production volume showcasing 156 postcards from the Hate Mail project, selected by the artist. As Mr Bingo says: "Essentially, it'll look like a pretentious art book but without the pretentious price tag." You can see some of the examples below, but be warned: if you are easily offended, scroll no further!

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