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Forget Ikea - this stool rocks!

fabsie: stool

Fabsie have set out to make furniture with a difference.

We can all fall victim to purchasing the usual, not-so-ready-to-assemble bland furniture. However, as creatives, it's understandable that we look for something with a little more character. Thankfully, the team at new tech company Fabsie have something up their sleeves.

Using the most innovative tools in design, production and distribution, Fabsie turns the furniture industry on its head. Setting up their first project 'This Stool Rocks' on Kickstarter, the company use technology and great design to create a natural evolution in furniture making. Here's how it's going to work:

  • Designers from around the world upload their digital drawings to Fabsie
  • Customers can choose and personalise their favourite designs through the online store. For example, they may add a logo to their item or change its dimensions to better fit their space
  • A local maker - that is, an accredited CNC milling shop - then downloads the personalised design and mills it on-site
  • Once their product is finished, customers can collect it in person or have it delivered

The Fabsie making process offers custom-made furniture with a minimal impact on the environment and fair returns to designers. Mass production was the innovation of the 20th century; mass personalisation is the innovation of the 21st century.

rock stool

colour stool

stool chair

stool table

stool assemble

You can see how the 'This Stool Rocks' project works by heading to the Fabsie Kickstarter page.

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