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Chocolate paints - the ideal gift for sweet-toothed designers

Chocolate paints

These paints are finger lickin' good!

Designers and chocolate lovers rejoice! This creation from Oki Sato of design firm Nendo has combined the two to produce this incredibly tasty, paint-inspired treat. Created for Japanese magazine Pen, we'd certainly be fooled into thinking these were the real thing.

Entitled ‘Chocolate Paint’, the box packaging of the stylish chocolate paint set opens up to unveil 12 different paint tubes, that contain a variety of filled flavours. These include vanilla, caramel, blueberry, melon, raspberry and even green tea!

And you'll be pleased to know that the paints weren't just a one off - the limited edition Chocolate Paint is priced at ¥4,200 (US$43) each and will be available soon!

Chocolate paints

Chocolate paints

[via Design Taxi]

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