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What if you could eat the shapes of Tetris?

Tetris cookie cutter

Level up your baking skills with these Tetris cookie cutters

There's been some impeccable and inspiring designs in video games but it's the oldies we love the most, and none more than the iconic Tetris, with its stacking shapes providing hours of fun whenever you really should be getting some work done.

But what if you could eat these shapes? Well, that's what Firebox have set out to do with this set of aluminium cookie cutters. Featuring all seven classic Tetris shapes, this is the kind of food that you'll be encouraged to play with!

"You can just mass-bake the cherished Line and Square Tetriminos and enjoy a leisurely baking and gaming experience," Firebox explains. "Practice the world's most increasingly stressful game while the pressure is off. Rotate them at your whim. Make those lines disappear. You're no longer battling against gravity and you level up as you eat".

Tetris cookie cutter

Tetris cookie cutter

[via Laughing Squid]

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