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Eye-catchingly amusing street art hits French city

If you happen to be wandering around the town of Saint Etienne, France anytime soon, there's every chance you'll stumble across the interesting and strange street art of artist Ladamenrouge.

The French artist wanders the streets of his home town looking for random inspiration and, so far, he's found plenty to keep him occupied. Armed with spray paint, stencils and a brilliant sense of humour, the daring artist has 'improved' street signs, drawn on pavements and eye bombed various everyday objects.

We found ourselves either laughing out loud or grimacing in disgust at this guy's work (some of it is definitely Not Safe For Work, although we've spared you the offensive stuff in this post). Here's hoping he continues with his humorous installations - and if you want to see the more close-to-the-bone installations, visit the artist's Facebook page.

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