3D typography set to dazzle in Vegas

Award-winning design studio Vault49 recently developed this typographic illustration to headline the 2014 Exhibitor Conference in Las Vegas. Each intricately crafted letter pays tribute to the dazzling array of event attendees in typically detailed Vault49 style.

"We got this brief the 'old-fashioned' way, by a potential client visiting our website, seeing something they liked and asking us to reinvent for their brief," says co-founder and managing creative director of Vault 49 Jonathan Kenyon. "We were happy to oblige."

We approached this project as a labor of love

Wanting to extend the company's portfolio in this area, this was a case of perfect timing. "We approached this project as a labour of love," Kenyon continues. We've been wanting to refresh the CGI typography in our portfolio and if the Exhibitor brief hadn't arrived, we'd have been doing something similar for ourselves. So it was win-win!"

Vault 49's typographic illustration will headline at the 2014 Exhibitor Conference in Las Vegas

A CG solution

With limited funding, the team turned to the combined tools of Cinema 4D and Photoshop in order to create the eye-catching design. "This piece could not have been created on budget without the CGI component," says Kenyon. "A full set-build was out of our client's budget."

CGI providing the perfect solution to the brief, the Vault49 team harnessed their technical skills to be as creative as possible. "There's nothing too revolutionary about the techniques on this design, it was all about the idea and execution."

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