Provocative festival poster takes the fight to social media

First rule of Fight Club quotes: don't talk about Fight Club quotes

Every year the Graphic Design Festival Breda in the Netherlands features a poster competiton with a difference. As well as testing your typography and graphic design skills, there's an extra element - the poster needs to encourage discussion about a social or political issue.

The judges loved this entry from award-winning Dutch animation studio Studio Smack, and so do we. Taking the age-old concept of criminals sending messages in cut-out newspaper words, it cleverly and beautifully updates it in the style of modern social media logos.

The studio's Ton Meijdam explains why they decided submitting a typography treatment of a quote from the movie Fight Club. "The movie Fight Club was released in 1999, a pre-social media era," he explains. "The movie's antagonist (Tyler Durden) played by Brad Pitt was literally talking about our possessions, and how they can dominate and take over our lives. Fast-forwarding to the present there might be something else that made us slaves to our possessions, putting Tyler Durden's statement in a whole new perspective."