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The font created by a disembodied robot arm


The robot arm was dipped in black ink and then used to draw the letters

As technology evolves, robots are becoming capable of more activities than ever. From serving us in a restaurant to keeping astronauts company, our mechanical friends come a long way in the past decade or so. Here, their talents have turned to typography, with the creation of this new font, Robosans.

Egyptian graphic designer Mostafa El Abasiry first taught a disembodied robot arm to practise calligraphy before using it to Robosans - a free font that you can download today.

Gripping a calligraphy brush, the robot arm would dip the tip in black ink, then draw letters on paper sheets. El Abasiry controlled the arm via computer. The overall raw aesthetic gives the typography a very human feel, with artistic swoops and creative flair.

[via Fast Company]

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