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Font of the day: Authority

Every day we choose a 'font of the day' from the best free and paid-for fonts we can find. You can search the site for our back catalogue or search the hashtag #CBfonts on Twitter. Now we're going to take a little ad break and below it you'll find today's selection!

Authority by Dustin Lee

Kicking off our font of the day posts this week is Authority typeface, by designer Dustin Lee. "Inspired by public fonts in New York in the 1970s, Authority pays tribute to the almost unnoticed but powerful effect typefaces have on our live," Lee comments on Creative Market.

"From waiting to catch the next bus to work to the worn type on public mailboxes, type speaks loudly and softly all at once into our lives," Lee continues. "Use it for bold, striking headlines, subheads and logos and to bring historical strength to your work."

Authority is available to purchase over on Creative Market.

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