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Font of the day: Nolan Next

Nolan Next font

Every day we choose a 'font of the day' from the best free and paid-for fonts we can find. You can search the site for our back catalogue or search the hashtag #CBfonts on Twitter. Now we're going to take a little ad break and below it you'll find today's selection!

Nolan Next by Galin Kastelov

Today's typeface of choice is sans serif Nolan Next. Created by type designer Galin Kastelov, Nolan Next is suitable for a variety of print and digital projects, from branding and corporate identity to editorial and web design.

Nolan Next is available to purchase over on MyFonts, where you can currently benefit from an introductory 80 per cent discount on the entire family.

Nolan Next font

Nolan Next font

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