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New calligraphy typeface dazzles in neon lights

Buenos Aires-based designer Ale Paul of Sudtipos is, by his own admission, 'a calligraphy history buff and pop technology freak'. So it's no surprise to see that his latest creation is a combination of the two.

A man behind many gorgeous type designs, Paul's latest - Rolling Pen - was inspired by the rounded, circular, roll-flowing calligraphy from the late 19th century. "Rolling Pen is another cup of mine that runneth with alternates, swashes, ligatures and other techy perks," he explains.


Keen to see his creation up in lights, Paul collaborated with designer Tomas Garcia when introducing his new typeface. "Tomas' approach on the reveal of Rolling Pen is inspired on the enlightenment given by neon lights in the dark, through the power of words," says Paul. "The neon lights were originally created to conceptually narrate over darkness. That's why the collection has been coined Underlight; a way to represent light in neon form as the underliner of something important."

Designer Tomas Garcia puts Ale Paul's Rolling Pen up in neon lights

Designer Tomas Garcia puts Ale Paul's Rolling Pen up in neon lights

Rolling Pen is an elegant and graceful pen-script font with a beautiful flow, which, we have to say, looks amazing in neon lights. It's currently available to purchase here, with a 30 per cent discount offered until August 8th 2013.

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