QUIZ: What typeface are you?

There are thousands of paid-for and free fonts around these days. But have you ever wondered which typeface is best suited to your personality? Are you more of a relaxed script font, or an assertive, bold sans serif? Never fear, guys, we're here to help with these burning questions. Simply take our fun typography quiz and find your perfect font match!

What typeface are you? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Impact - Assertive and bold, you're easy to read and never go unnoticed by your fellow creatives. Focused and confident, you get your ideas across loud and clear. You're also quite partial to creating amusing cat memes.
  • Courier - You proudly go against the grain, just like this traditional typewriter font on a computer. You're not afraid to share ideas, and you have incredibly high expectations and standards.
  • Brush Script - Relaxed and happy, you're a calming influence to those around you. Quiet and thoughtful, you prefer a traditional approach to design, enjoying all the little imperfections it brings.
  • Comic Sans - Oh no! We hear you cry. But this is not a bad thing, guys. Like Comic Sans, you're happy-go-lucky, lively and don't care what anybody thinks about you. Carefree and playful, your ideas certainly stand out in a crowd.
  • Helvetica - Classic and reliable, you're picky about design. Clean and streamlined, you don't get bogged down in detail or decoration. Versatility and simplicity is key, and you're the master of both.
  • Times New Roman - Formal and conservative, trust and a good reputation are high on your list of priorities. You're a fan of elegant, sophisticated design - an overall class act.
  • Franklin Gothic - Understated, classic and sophisticated, you appreciate simplicity when it comes to design and expressing your ideas. You favour a less-is-more approach to projects and become frustrated by overly fussy designs.
  • Futura - Distinctive and different in the most brilliant ways, you favour elegant designs that have a retro feel. You have strong credibility, and are known for being flexible and very reliable.

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