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READ THIS! Typoholic by Viction:ary

Typography: Typoholic covers

Typoholic has two covers, one for each distinct section of the book

This week, the Creative Bloq office has been going typography crazy, and it's due in no small part to this brilliant and inspiring book from visual communication gurus Viction:ary called Typoholic.

Typoholic is a two-pronged look at modern type-making from both commercial and personal projects. In two separate sections, starting at each cover, the book introduces more than 40 new illustrative and animated type families plus 200 pages of weird and wonderful ad-hoc projects featuring custom type designs.

Typoholic: Steve Back

Creative studio Toby and Pete designed a kids' garden play set out of client Steve Back's name

The 'Font to Form' section is crammed with logo marks, campaign installations, digital rendering, performance art, and more. We particularly love Toby and Pete's alphanumerical bouncy castle and Juri Zaech's elegant pushbikes, and there are many more examples of creative typography from the playful to the thought-provoking - and all fastidiously constructed.

Meanwhile, the 'A to Z' section contains 27 meticulously-composed, contemporary typefaces, inspired by (and created with) everything from elastic bands to balloon animals and train sets.

Typoholic: bikes

Font to Form section includes Juri Zaech's imaginitive personalised bike frames

Typoholic is a celebration of the craft involved in the creation of interesting typefaces, and an inspiration to those involved in creative design at any level.

The book is available now priced at £34.50.

NOTE: The competition to win copies has now closed.

Typoholic: three to give away

Typoholic looks at both commercial and personal projects

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