Typode: a new type of font

Created by typographer Santiago Ortiz, Typode isn't like any other font you've seen before. He's decided to make his typeface a little less rigid than the usual offerings...

Twisty type

Typode's characters are defined by coordinate, which means you can skew, stretch and twist the font to your heart's content.

You can also do a bunch of hard-to-read tricks, which may or may not hinder its functionality.

Typode can be skewed, stretched and twisted to your heart's content

Manipulate it

Creator Ortiz explains that Typode is a "simple font described with coordinates so it can be freely reshaped, distorted, or mapped. [I] created it to be used in certain information visualization contexts, in which text needs to adapt to specific shapes."

What the Typocode font looks like 'at rest'

The type design itself is based on basic straight lines, evoking a very rigid and geometric feel, but this allows for the points of each glyph to be manipulated.

What do you make of this new font? Will you be using Typode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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