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Free web UI design ebook

Download this free book today!

Download this free book today!

The new ebook Web UI Design for the Human Eye: Principles of Visual Consistency explains the ins and outs of visual consistency: why it’s essential, how to maintain it, and when breaking it can do more.

Citing examples from the sites for Yelp, Pinterest, Spotify, and other Awwward-winning sites, this books explores user expectations, UI patterns, user testing, and how they all feed into a reliable visual consistency. The team at UXPin – which net magazine called one of the hottest new wireframing/prototyping tools for 2015 – created this ebook from the best advice on the web and their own best practices.

Why it's important

Visual consistency feeds the security, reliability, and ease-of-use for your site or app, whereas visual inconsistency (in the wrong places) can damage your reputation and make you appear less trustworthy.

A large component of this book is on designing for user expectations – finding them and satisfying them – and how visual consistency will either meet these expectations, or disappoint them.

In this free ebook you’ll learn:

  • Just how deeply visuals affect the human brain, even subconsciously
  • How to implement common sight patterns into your interaction design
  • Quick reference checklists for visual consistency
  • How to predict user expectations to ensure meeting them
  • Adapting usability research to better understand your users
  • What affordances and signifiers are and how they can be game-changers
  • Choosing and using the best UI patterns

The book is available now. Take a look, and share it with friends!

Download the free ebook here

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