8 amazing 'About' pages to inspire you

There's some brilliantly designed 404 error pages out there but often the 'About' page can lack a little love. As one of the most important pages of an agency's website or online design portfolio, it has to look the business. Here, we pick some of the best.

01. Pierre Caron

Pierre Caron has a very personal About page

Pierre Caron has a very personal About page

French artist and wood sculptor Pierre Caron shares his story, along with beautiful quotes and photos of his labours of love.

02. Blake Saurez

Blake Saurez's About page is whimsical but informative

Blake Saurez's About page is whimsical but informative

Charleston-based designer Blake Saurez gives readers a glimpse of his goofy personality through his photo, along with long and shortform versions of his bio.

03. Allison House

Allison House keeps it friendly on her About page

Allison House keeps it friendly on her About page

On her About page, Austin-based designer Allison House shares her nickname and photos of her most memorable work experiences, all in a friendly voice.

04. Cornett

best about is pages

What would you showcase as the most important 'things' in your life?

Kentucky based agency Cornett decided to add a little more personality where it matters. Here, their employees showcase what matters to them most. "We set aside a day to take some photographs and asked all of our employees to bring in their 10 essentials – 10 (or so) items they can't live without," they explain. It was like an agency-wide 'show and tell' day.

05. I Shot Him

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I Shot Him have an About page that is guaranteed to make you smile

I Shot Him are a creative studio that let you into their world from the get-go. Using parallax scrolling to its fullest potential, their quirky brand is present throughout their entire site. They use some clever tricks on their actual 'About' page that will not only give you a sense of their personality but will definitely make you smile.

06. Always with Honour

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The Always with Honour 'About' page is out of this world

Always With Honor is the collective work of Tyler & Elsa Lang and their 'About' page is about as inventive and out of this world as it gets. Taking everything they love and placing it in two adorable space shuttles, the flat design animation is a wonderful touch to the over style and theme.

07. Kitchen Sink Studios

about us pages

Keep it simple and your About page will stand out

Kitchen Sink Studios sure know how to engage their audience. Using a gorgeous colour palette and a simple, no fuss lay-out, it's the usability of their site and their 'About' page, along with the simple flat design icons that really makes this a stand-out offering.

08. Sajak & Farki

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We love this adorably illustrated and simple About page

This adorable offering from design studio Sajak & Farki really gets down to the basics of what makes a great 'About' page. Simple, cute and with plenty of information, the style of this page gives the user a taste of what the studio can offer as a whole.