The 7 best SEO blogs

Struggling to get your head around SEO? Here, chief executive officer at Builtvisible and optimisation expert Richard Baxter shares his favourite SEO blogs to help you find your feet.

01. Yoast


Yoast: an essential site for WordPress users

Joost De Valk's Yoast needs little introduction, especially if you're a WordPress user. This site is the authority on WordPress SEO and SEO development best practices.

02. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a one-stop shop for all things search

Danny Sullivan and his team at Search Engine Land are a really useful one-stop shop for all things search.

03. Moz

The Moz team strive to make the web a better place

Rand Fishkin and his Moz team write across a wide range of search engine marketing disciplines, and their toolset is amongst the best for SEO on the planet.

04. SEO by the Sea

SEO by the Sea

Bill Slawski's blog is one of Richard's faves

I've never met Bill Slawski, but I've followed him for so long I feel like I know him. Bill is the authority on Search Engine patents, making his site a powerful insight into the future of search.

05. David Naylor

David Naylor has over 16 years experience in the SEO industry

I've learned a lot from industry heavyweight Dave over the years. Keep track of his thoughts here.

06. Distilled


Visit Distilled for industry insights

Distilled is our favourite industry competitor and our favourite industry friend. This blog has lots of actionable insights in digital marketing.

07. Builtvisible

Started in 2008, Builtvisible covers technical, research and creative content topics

This is our blog! Started in 2008 as SEOgadget, we've grown up and like to cover advanced, technical, research and creative content topics.

Words: Richard Baxter

This article originally appeared in net issue 258.

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