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Mastering Remote Collaboration cover

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Seeing eye-to-eye with your colleagues requires more than a screen adjustment.

Mastering Remote Collaboration, a pocket guide that’s part of the larger Design Collaboration in the Enterprise series, explores the essential guidelines for teams working remotely, a growing practice amidst a shrinking world.

Collaboration alone can be difficult among team members, but distance only creates more distance. This free pocket guide addresses the issues commonly faced by teams working remotely, from methodologies to keep everyone on the same page, to which tools and resource offer the most benefit. Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean you can’t work together.

After reading this quick and practical book, you’ll know:

  • why communicating too much is better than not enough
  • what the 10-line rule is and how it can help
  • how to extend your company culture beyond the office walls
  • the most effective strategies for keeping missing members in the loop
  • the best tools and resources for remote meetings
  • how to conduct a remote meeting
  • ways to modify design activities to suit remote workers

Named one of net magazine’s hottest new design tools for 2015, the collaborative design tool UXPin team wrote this book from real research, expert advice, and their own experience.

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