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10 ecommerce homepages to watch over Christmas

For the next six weeks, ecommerce homepage testing will be in a full blown frenzy. Marketing design will be at the center of testing, with home page imagery, icons and headlines changing daily.

That's why the team at Crayon have compiled a list of ecommerce giants to keep an eye on as you construct your own design tests this holiday seasons. New designs will be added as they launch, so you can see exactly how and when the homepages change over the holiday season.

In this article, the team highlight 10 of the biggest. Notice the variety in tone: some of the user experiences are brilliant while others couldn't be cheesier, but they are all focused on sales and the holidays.

01. eBay

ebay homepage

eBay found the one person in the world who enjoys hanging holiday lights, it's so easy and fun! Clark Griswold would have a few comments about this picture. See the different versions here.

02. Lands' End

Land's End homepage

Lands' End is all in on Christmas, family, good times and memories. The tone on the homepage opts for an emotional connection with site visitors as opposed to screaming headlines with percent savings. See the different versions here.

03. Wayfair

Wayfair homepage

Huge discounts being offered at 70 per cent for the holiday season, perhaps because getting new furniture delivered when your in-laws are coming over doesn't sound like the best day. See the different versions here.

04. L.L. Bean

LL Bean homepage

To be expected, the great L.L. Bean taking a different approach with their header image/tone. Instead of promoting the holidays, they're promoting the Winter season to get people thinking about Nov-March (or June if you live in Maine). See the different versions here.

05. The Home Depot

Home Depot homepage

Have to commend Home Depot for being focused in their header this week. They aren't offering sales for "the holidays" but rather Black Friday. Great idea on the Xmas lights trade-in program. See the different versions here.

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