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Free book on colour theory to download

This guide is free to download today!

This guide is free to download today!

What is the psychological effect of red? What colours will make a call-to-action stand out most against blue? Why did traffic drop after switching from orange to yellow? To find out, download the free ebook Colour Theory in Web UI Design: A Practical Approach to the Principles.

Colours play a vital role in every visual medium, and web design is no exception. However, not all designers might understand the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) effects of colours for interface design.

That's why the makers of UXPin, the popular wireframing and prototyping tool, wrote this free pocket guide. It's the quick and easy overview of everything a designer needs to know about colour.

Citing expert advice and illustrating its points through live examples, this book offers a crash course in colour theory. In this pocket guide, you"ll discover:

  • A brief history of colour theory over the last millennium, and how it applies to web design.
  • The psychological impact of each of the primary colours.
  • Which colours can set which mood for your sight, whether you"re going for relaxing, trustworthy, stimulating, or more.
  • The most popular types of colours schemes involving one, two, three, or more colours.
  • Examples from the most successful sites to show colour use at its best.
  • How styles guides help keep your colours organized, and some free resources to help.

Download the free ebook now!

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