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Gorgeous website helps you to discover new music

marmoset website

Beautiful photography and parallax scrolling combine for a new music experience

The way we listen to music is ever-changing. Whether you prefer to stick on a record or click on the Spotify logo, there have never been so many ways to discover new, independent music. And here's a new site with an interesting UI design hoping to elbow in to this crowded field.

Set up by a team of hard-working musical artists, website Marmoset helps you to create the 'soundtrack to your story', whilst fighting the good fight to restore value and respect for music and its creators.

The killer feature here is the way Marmoset lets you find the kind of music you like according to variables such as 'energy', 'length' and 'genre'. Make your selection and the website will create a brand new playlist, tailored to you.

As a bonus, the site looks gorgeous, with some cool parallax scrolling effects and striking photography. This might be a crowded marketplace, but it looks like Marmoset might have what it takes get the likes of Spotify worried...

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