Spotify gets striking new logo

There seems to be a trend lately for logo designs to get simpler, flatter and more business-like. Take a look at the brand new logo the music streaming giant Spotify has slapped across its website.

The new logo is leaner and more professional-looking

The Spotify globe emblem has lost much of its styling, most noticeably the shadow effect, to give it a strikingly new, two-dimensional look. It's complemented with a more measured and serious typeface that's light years away from the bubbly, bouncy font of the old identity.

The old, bouncy logo is no more

Overall, the look is of a company that wants to look more grown-up and professional, and in that sense it's reminiscent of last year's eBay logo update.

The logo is already in action across the website, with different colour combinations depending on whether it appears against a white or black background.

Spotify has also released a flashy new promo video, which incorporates the new logo at the end.

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