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Yahoo website given a makeover

Yahoo never seems to be out of the news at the moment. Just when everyone thought the internet giant was floundering, it bought Tumblr, gave Flickr a ground-up redesign, and created the world's prettiest weather app. But some would argue that the heartbeat of Yahoo, its website, is currently letting the side down.

One such agitator is New York designer Quincy Gibbs, who has created a new look concept for Yahoo, even including a Weather-inspired new logo to replace the company's recognisable and playful branding, in a remarkably similar style to eBay's 2012 rebrand.

Yahoo!'s current logo

Yahoo!'s new logo

But it's Gibbs' vision for the Yahoo site that's more intriguing, as he's attempted to clean up the cluttered user interface and give it a slicker, more pared-back look in line with the recent Flickr update while still attempting to retain the company's character.

Currently just a concept, first revealed on Business Insider, as far as we are aware there are no plans for Yahoo to adopt any of these changes. But under the guidance of CEO Marissa Mayer, the company has recently been prone to surprise us all...

Yahoo! drop down

Yahoo! 2

Yahoo! Slideshow

See more of Quincy Gibbs' work on his website.

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