Gunpowder artwork makes an explosive statement

This artist has ditched traditional media in favour of something more experimental.

While most artists prefer to hone their painting techniques by creating artwork out of oil and acrylic, Danny Shervin has instead chosen a more flammable medium for his project Paint With Gunpowder.

The Wyoming based artist fisrt stumbled across the idea of painting with gunpowder while at university (it's a good time for experimentation) and has since used the material to make stunning wildlife illustrations.

Each piece of artwork in the Paint With Gunpowder collection is made on canvas and wood. After carefully setting up the gunpowder granules – a process that takes hours at a time – Danny sets fire to the designs to burn the image into place.

The process is undeniably impressive and has seen Danny gaining attention at art shows. Original artwork is available to buy on his site, but if you've missed out on your favourite piece you can also order a print online.

[Source: Fella]


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