100 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

Convert a drawing into vector artwork

This 45-minute video explores how to convert a scanned drawing into vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator.

How to achieve a handmade print effect

Learn how to import textures into Illustrator; use custom presets in Live Trace; and successfully apply textured effects to vector images. You'll be pleased with the results.

Explore 3D papercut aesthetics with vectors

illustrator tutorials

Learn how to layer an image for a 3D effect

Steven Bonner has done some cracking Illustrator tutorials for our friends at Computer Arts. In this one, he shows you how to layer an image for a realistic 3D effect, and how your use of colour can increase relevance and impact.

How to work with raster effects

Used sparingly, raster effects can help you achieve results in your Illustrator vectors that you'd normally have to cross over to Photoshop to get. If you experiment with them, they can add a dramatic difference and new dimension to your images.

How to create monstrous characters with Illustrator's bristle brush

Top illustrator and web designer Paddy Donnelly shows you how to use Illustrator CS5's Bristle Brush feature to create monsters...

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